The Fundamentals of Editing Better Clips

This 2 hour live zoom class is taught periodically.

The cost for the class is $150.

The instruction is centered on two principals upon which all other "editing magic" that Dave employs is built. 

Once you understand and apply these two concepts you can begin to improve the editing of your own clips and build the skills to develop a lucrative side hustle.  You too can become a DemoReelPro.

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Individuals who complete FUNDAMENTALS: Edit Better Clips can choose to continue their demo reel editing education by registering to join the weekly STAFF TRAINING for EditPlus.  Completion of the FUNDAMENTALS is required for those wishing to participate.

Each week Dave updates his staff and those interested in expanding their skills with real world examples of how to address specific challenges of providing the best editing solutions for both a basic actor and a more advanced performer.

The weekly zoom sessions last approximately 90 minutes and downloads of the source samples are provided to practice the skills discussed each week.

The cost to join the weekly STAFF TRAINING is $125/month.


Certification - Becoming a DemoReelPro

After 25 years operating the premiere demo reel editing service in Hollywood, Dave Manship realized that establishing a standard for excellence in this service industry was needed.  He is committed to educating the next generation of demo reel editors to continuing the high level of skill, creativity and support to represent the hard working artists that they will serve.

Certified Clipper

A CLIPPER is a proficient editor who has completed 40 weeks of STAFF TRAINING.  Having been exposed to solutions for numerous real world scenarios posed by the needs of beginning and advanced actors, the CLIPPER is sufficiently versed in delivering edited clips at a high level of skill. They are also connected to resources to assist them if needed. 

Certified Cutter

A CUTTER is an advanced editor.  Having achieved certification as a Clipper, the CUTTER has learned an approach to demo reel creation that is goal oriented.  Demos are not just samples of an actors work.  A CUTTER understands the power of a well crafted demo.  They understand the expectations of the audience who will consider the created reel.  Applying skill and knowledge they will help actors move their careers forward and secure bookings for specific projects.

Certified DemoReelPro

The DemoReelPro is an editing professional who has chosen to align themselves with a like-minded demo reel editing community that benefits from ongoing education, is updated on the best practices and enjoys shared resources to provide support to their clients.  They have completed both Clipper and Cutter certification.