Our demos get results!
You know our clients.
You know their careers.

With over 25 years of demo reel editing experience and 30,000 edited demos, our expertise is second to none.

Client List

A partial list of clients we have served over the years.  
You don't just want a new demo.
Our unique approach gets results.
Full 1080p clips.  Clients receive unedited scenes AND an edited version that features them.
For people wanting to DIY their own demo reels, Dave teaches how to EDIT BETTER CLIPS.
Who We Are?

Dave Manship, owner EditPlus
        aka DaveTheEditor and DemoReelPro

Known in the industry as DaveTheEditor, thousands of clients, talent managers and agents rely on Dave's expertise to craft a purposeful clip or demo reel for their use.  His skill in crafting Custom Reels boasts a nearly 75% success rate ... many bookings are secured strictly from the viewing of that reel.

Even actors just beginning their careers can benefit from insights about demo reel construction. His knowledge goes beyond the mechanics of editing clips.  He can explain how a client's demo is more than just an example of their range and the work they have done.  Some of the advise can save an actor from using a reel that actually hinders their career progress.  
  • Over 25 years of demo editing experience, 
  • Over 30,000 edited demo reels
  • A unique approach that gets results
  • Practical insights that benefit performers
  • Institutional knowledge

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