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The following samples are presented as "Before and After" sequences to allow you to see the results of editing performed by EditPlus. Information is provided about running time, editing processes involved and the time required to edit the clip. The client notes about the clip are included to demonstrate what the client liked or didn't like about the original scene.

Sample 1
This sample comes from an independent film. The client liked the beginning of the scene and the end of the scene but felt there was too much coverage of the four other people in the scene. The edited clip is 1 minute shorter than the original scene and could be shortened to just the final monologue.

Sample 2
This sample comes from the network series "The Nine." The lengthy scene includes many cut-aways from the client and infrequent close-up coverage. Also, much of the client's dialogue is delivered off-camera. The goal is to create a scene that better presents the client's performance.