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$100 per hour (billed in 1/4-hour increments)
Most demo reels take one and a half to two hours to edit

1-2 minute "speed reels" can be edited from an existing demo reel in approximately 1/2 hour.

After hours and weekends are 50% extra.


Airchecks and TV Episode Library
**All Airchecks are currently being recorded from the HD broadcast, when available.**
Ordered before the airdate: DVD = $30*
Ordered before the airdate: .mov = $40 (emailed to you)
Ordered before the airdate: HD = $50 (emailed to you)

We have nearly every episode of every original network or cable series and many movies and mini-series from 1997-Present. Shows from 2001 to the present are on DVD or mini-DV, earlier shows are first-generation VHS/S-VHS direct-from-cable. Our library is unmatched for its quality and completeness.

5 Aircheck bundle on DVD = $100
10 Aircheck bundle on DVD = $150
5 Aircheck bundle on .mov = $150
5 Aircheck bundle on HD = $200
Aircheck bundles may include airchecks from the library or pre-ordered airchecks.

Programs ordered after the airdate will be billed at the following rate: $50.00 for any format (although HD may NOT be available from the library).

*DVDs may be either picked up at Edit Plus or mailed to the client. If mailed, an extra $5 charge for mailing will apply.

Audition Taping
Video tape session - $40 flat fee for a half-hour OR $75 flat fee for an hour (includes selection of best take transferred to DVD or uploaded/emailed to client or representative or casting)
Audition tapings going over the allotted time will be billed at $1.00 per minute for each additional minute.

DVD Authoring
Basic Demo Reel authoring at the conclusion of the edit session - $20
Multi-menu Demo Reel (additional scenes) Template-based authoring - $35
Multi-menu Demo Reel (additional scenes) DVD-Studio Pro - $50
Custom DVD authoring to Red Book standard - $100/hour (requires consultation)
Direct-to-DVD transfers - $25/hour ($10 minimum)

DVD Duplication
Demo Reel copy on DVD - $6 each
Quantities of 10 or more - $5 each
Quantities over 25 - by quote
All prices include basic label, clamshell or jewel case
Custom labels/Album cases with inserts - by quote
Direct-to-Disc printing - by quote

*We cannot guarantee duplication with client-provided stock and do not offer this service.

Web Ready Video
One file type Web video encoding at the conclusion of the edit session - $20 for the first file $10 for each add'l file
Additional file types or data rates of the same material - $10/per
Upload file for review or post to iActor or other Actor sites - $10

Production Services
Carey-it-Off Enterprises crews are available to shoot and edit a variety of events on a variety of professional formats. We can also shoot and edit multi-camera set-ups. Prices by quote.
Email us your detailed request.